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Najmus Sakib Bahauddin Ahmed (Albab)

Founder and Chief Executive Officer – LIGHTHOUSE BANGLADESH PAR EXCELLENCE

Founder – Bangladesh Cancer Aid Trust (BANCAT)

Co-Founder & Executive Director – Valor of Bangladesh

From where I stand today, after nearly three decades of personal and professional experiences, I believe it’s time to bring positive changes in ourselves and in society. I also believe that it is clarity of Purpose & Value that forward one towards Excellence.

We tend to forget about the journey. We are forgetting about the values that drive us to become a proper human being, a purposeful being. I see the bewildering diminishing of values as the world is getting older.

This journey we are in one towards a light of enlightenment yet we are rather reluctant to enlighten ourselves from that light. We are apart and aloof from our purpose, something that we may know or not know of.

There is a voice deep within ourselves always trying to tell us what we need to hear. Some hear and some don’t. This is the voice that defines our divine purpose in life, our values, and our passion. And this journey of passion is always lonesome and there shall be external voices all around. Never to lend ears to these voices, rather look for sanctity instead. – Foremost it is not hard at all for us just to make a vow that we will be a reason for the smile of a person?

I was affected with a very strange disease called leukemia. Throughout my recovery, I often thought that it would be a blessing if I lived fifty years more, so that I remain steadfast to my values, and serve the purpose that I comprehended as I transformed through the survival of this terminal disease. May we all be remembered as legacy of values and wisdom when our names are erased from the tombstones.

Najmus Sakib Bahauddin Ahmed is popularly known as ‘Albab’. He is a business graduate from Richmond International University, London.


Albab has covered many important business sectors in Bangladesh as part of his professional experience. He started his career with ANZ Grindlays Bank as Foreign Exchange Dealer and Treasurer (1991-1992)

With a passion in mind to know other industries better he joined MGH Group and served in a managerial leadership capacity, where he gained his finest experience of logistics, distribution, administration and supply chain management (1993-1995).

Albab began his entrepreneurial journey when he introduced the concept of greeting cards to the nation by becoming the master franchisee and distributor for Hallmark Cards and Gifts, INC, USA and revolutionized the market (1996-2003).

His zeal for learning about RMG business took him to his next level of success as managing director of a renowned company of the RMG sector, ALLIANCE STITCHES LTD, DEPZ, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2004-2014).

His survival of cancer transformed him into a man of purpose. Every human being is a divine gift. We are all here on a mission and there is someone out there who needs us. Serving the humanity is the best of the services and is a virtuous cycle. He is a Freelance activist and counselor in beating and treating cancer. He is also a Founder of ‘Bangladesh Cancer Aid Trust’ – Formerly Bangladesh Cancer Aid Foundation (2011).

Post his cancer recovery in 2011, Albab with his long 25 years of experience in Ready Made Garments manufacturing, supply chain operation and distribution, and Entrepreneurial leadership as pioneering in some unique industries desired into sharing his knowledge and expertise with the next generation of leaders.  His passion for the learning & development sector as one of the most dynamic sectors in the world led him into launching a learning-based organization, Lighthouse Bangladesh (2015). 

Leading through a Pandemic world in 2020, encompassing VUCA, Albab has been successful in bringing together the leaders and the minds from different institutions of the country and conducted a series of virtual meetings and webinars. In lieu of these engagements of Lighthouse Bangladesh, Albab spearheaded the emergence of ‘Valor of Bangladesh’ in short VoB, a forum with the goal to connect leaders and experts, providing opportunities for strategic relationship development, access to intellectual exchange by leaders and an enchanted exposure to the economy.

Expertise and Programs

An entrepreneur turned public speaker and talent leader with a considerable strategic and commercial focus in the delivery of best performance management and talent development with an inclusive leadership style to empower and advise young professionals, managers, functional and departmental heads, and pre-executive leaders to leverage talent towards Excellence living value and purpose.


LinkedIn: https://bd.linkedin.com/in/najmus-ahmed-albab-82b937b9

Sayem Haq

Leveraging talent towards strategic success Organizational development & strategic | Human Resources (HR) consultant | Talent management & learning agility thought leader | Executive coach

Current – Managing Director – LIGHTHOUSE BANGLADESH PAR EXCELLENCE, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Current – Chairman of the Board – Novivo Healthcare

Former – HR and Talent leader, in Novartis AG., with experience in Bangladesh, Asia-Pacific, Americas & Europe.


An internationally experienced human resources & talent leader, with considerable strategic and commercial focus in the delivery of ‘best in class’ performance management, organization design, talent development and employee engagement processes. Fully committed to deliver relevant HR solutions and aligned corporate strategic mission, he employs inclusive leadership style to empower and advise managers, stakeholders and colleagues to leverage talent towards strategic success.


Trained by Korn-Ferry on their learning agility competency model, he partnered with line-clients in Asia-Pacific, the Americas & Europe to establish a market-leading talent and succession process to support their long-term strategic agenda.


He was instrumental in establishing a balanced performance management and evaluating process to align objectives and motivate employees to drive organizational agenda over the short-term.


Using change management process, he has successfully completed several employee engagements projects in North America and Europe that has helped clients to achieve job satisfaction and higher retention rates of top talent.



He has successfully introduced leadership development initiatives by training and coaching frontline and mid managers on leadership concepts and skills by identifying competency gaps in Asia-Pacific and European countries. This significantly helped in strengthening the talent pipeline of the supported organizations.



By partnering with global line-clients, he has delivered several organizational development initiatives across the world with a focus on identifying ‘build’ vs. ‘buy’ talent strategies.


In 2015, I completed a 12 months Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching from the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) in London which has enhanced his leadership and coaching abilities for Executive development in organizations.


He has often been defined by his line-clients as a,



  • Savvy and Practical Innovator who establishes a vision and follows it through to completion so that great ideas get implemented; and possesses the ability to be both strategic and tactical in thinking and actions, finding connections and impacts of change and decisions.
  • Engaging and Compelling Communicator who brings clarity to complexity and gets people past all the noise to focus on what’s most important by providing a system for learning, application and connecting the dots, attuning to the situation and their needs.

After living and working in Thailand, USA and UK for over 12 years, he has now relocated to Dhaka to pursue his ambition to make a difference in developing talent for strategic success in corporate houses in Bangladesh. 

Kazi Ahsan Yeashir Atik

Kazi Ahsan Yeashir Atik is a seasoned HR professional with over a decade of experience, specializing in talent acquisition and strategic leadership, including Learning and Development (L&D). With a strong track record in understanding unique hiring needs, developing sourcing strategies, and managing the recruitment lifecycle, Atik holds an MBA in HRM from North South University. He is dedicated to fostering candidate-friendly practices and is known for efficiently arranging L&D events, making him a valuable asset to any organization.